Windows 10 ver 0.9.4

Suggestions for Windows 10

  1. There’s no option to edit a qso.
  2. Deleting a qso by mistake. Maybe add a warning before deleting.
  3. Selecting multiple qso for deleting.
  4. Creating an additional profile not available.
  5. Ability to add grid, county and state when creating a profile for Parks on the air log.
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Thanks for the report! A few of these features have been added in 0.9.6 - you can download the latest version on .

For #5, this is interesting, tell me how you would use this? Create a new profile for each park? Or would it be better for me to add those fields to the POTA template itself?

When I work Portable I like to log my grid, County and state. When I export this log into my main log, or LoTW, people will get credit for those categories. I’ve had some people email me for those kind of things.

I just noticed another thing. There’s no option for changing operators. So if we’re using a club call, each operator can get credit.

I think you still might have an old version as profile switching came out in 0.9.5. You can see it in action this blog post .

To see which version you’re running you can click ‘Help’ and then ‘About’ in the dropdown:

You can add those items using adif master. I appreciate the single purpose streamlined goal that hamrs adopted.

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