Windows version issue

Have started to use the program now in the shack on a PC. I use it for hunting POTA.

Something that I have notice when I log a contact it pulls the individuals information from QRZ but does not populate the grid square portion.

I have been running this along side POTAspots and manually type in the POTAs grid square into the program but when selecting the map page it will not draw lines to the contacts from my QTH.

And yes my grid square has been recorded on every contact.

So 2 issues here with windows.

-ping from QRZ is not filling out the grid square data.

  • mapping page is not showing all contacts and connected lines.

Keep up the good work. Program is really nice.

Is there a reason you would want the grid square to populate from QRZ? If you’re hunting POTA, the activator isn’t at his or her home QTH, so the grid square should instead reflect the location of the park.

Are you filling in “their park” number? If so, the grid square should be populated from the grid square associated with that park in the POTA database.

I’m using the general form.

I would prefer it to be the grid square of the actual activator. I have been manually typing in the grid square for the park. When I type in the park it hasn’t been populating the grid to the log. Maybe I should be using the POTA form vs the general.

But your missing the point. Regardless if I chasing POTA, sota, iota or a casual contact it’s not populating the grid square with the other stations info.

Yes, the POTA template will pull in the grid square for a park but the generic one isn’t built for this.

I don’t know for sure, but am pretty sure QRZ’s call sign lookup API will pull grid square for premium access subscribers (with appropriate credentials) but not for others. This may be the reason it isn’t currently populating the grid square.

Jarrett has mentioned the next version will allow you to enter your QRZ credentials and to use a couple of other lookup services. So maybe that will be the fix.

Sounds good. I have a paid subscription for QRZ so that would be nice.

Would like to see maybe a hunters template. And On the map it could grey out the states that one has worked.

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