Winter Field Day & Parks on the Air

Hey, Mikel, W4OPS from the Winter Field Day Association. We like your software and even have a link to it on our website, but a lot of users do a dual event where they activate a Park during WFD. I’m wondering if you could add in the My Park, My Grid, etc sections to the WFD log so we can export one ADIF file and upload it to both the POTA site and the WFD site. This way it contains all the data it needs for both organizations. Of course my park and other sections would be optional. We just want to encourage people to use the WFD log during the POTA activation for WFD but it’s missing the stuff needed to upload it to POTA. Thanks, Mike


I don’t think any changes are needed to the WFD log to make it work with POTA. The fields you mentioned are not required to be in the ADIF when submitting the file to POTA. For instance, POTA ignores the grid square, and except for rare instances when someone is QSOing a multi-park activation, the park number isn’t needed in the ADIF either. The web-based uploader asks for the park number and the state, or finds it in the file name if the recommended format is used.

I’ve always thought the hardest part of using HAMRS for WFD was exporting the WFD ADIF and converting it into Cabrillo format. Is there a tried-and-true method for doing that? Several HAMRS users have asked about that in this community.

Kevin KZ3L

I found this to happen with some state QSO parties also. The only way I know that is easiest is to use N3FJP, but not everyone wants to pay the $59 for those logs.

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