Worked op grid not populating

Worked op grid square not populating from qrz. I have to look up call on qrz and input it in manually to get map to work.

Noticed this myself during my activation today, but was working last night (Saturday night) when I entered my log from my activation yesterday.

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I ended up entering their grids from qrz look ups. Took for ever with 38 qso’s. Hope its fixed soon.

I believe this is an error in the Beta build, that’s what I noticed this weekend. Can you guys confirm? Beta build number is 0.11.0

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It doesn’t populate the grid square from HamDB or from HamQTH. I am pretty sure those services don’t make the grid square available to reference.

I’m not certain about QRZ since that requires premium access (which I don’t have). But without premium access, QRZ won’t reveal grid squares.

@jarrett, I sent a slew of comments on the beta to you via the Apple TestFlight beta test app. Please confirm you received them. Some are pretty crucial (such as the ability to delete QSO records).

I’m not running the beta version and using 0.10.7 on iPhone and MacBook Pro and noticed this weekend that the map is not displaying any QSOs. Thanks for the wonderful app Jarret.

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I was using latest release version 0.10.7 on Windows 10. Like I said, for my activation on Saturday it was working fine, on Sunday, grid squares always came up empty.

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Grid not working for me either. Getting frustrated having to go back into and edit the “receiver info” for every QSO by clicking the “locate” button to get grid based on GPS. I hope this will be fixed soon.

Update coming soon. Im sure it will be fixed then. Love this app and appreciate the time what was given to create it.

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I just wanted to check in and say this should be fixed in today’s release, 0.11.0 ONLY if you provide HAMRS with login credentials for either QRZ or HamQTH. The free service used under the hood, is hit or miss with operator gridsquares.

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Yes, all working perfectly now. Thank you.

FYI, only provides grid squares if you are a paid subscriber to QRZ.

That’s disappointing. $30 a year for lookups and grid squares isn’t worth it in my opinion.

Hamqth is the one I am using and it is free

Do you like hamqth? Not really familiar with it.

It’s a decent free alternative for lookups if you don’t pay for QRZ XML data, and is better than the default that’s currently used if you have neither QRZ or HamQth credentials entered.

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Creator of here. It looks like there was an issue with geocoding service I was using (taking street addresses and converting them to lat/long); which is why grids were coming back as JJ00aa. I just resolved it and it hopefully will be much more reliable.

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I just checked and grids look to be accurate again! If I had one request ever from it would be to enable CORs requests on your servers! :slight_smile: Thank you for providing a great service. I’d love to pick your brain about how I can get a lightweight static db file into HAMRS for use when folks are offline.

If I had one request ever from it would be to enable CORs requests on your servers!

CORs should now be enabled on

I’ve been kicking around the idea for a while in offering a downloadable version of the HamDB database. I just wasn’t sure anyone would actually use it, haha. Perhaps it’s time to revisit that.

You ROCK. I’ll check it out the CORS and see if I can stop running requests through a proxy server I wrote.