WWFF and WCA templates please

Would it be possible to add templates for the WWFF (World wide flora and fauna group) and also for the WCA (world castles award group).
These are a couple of very popular groups with many hundreds if not thousands of activators over here in Europe and your program looks so simple to use and would be great for Activators whatever their interest group.
I know many who would to also like to do joint activations for multiple groups such as WWFF and POTA for example but as far as I know no other program will allow you to do both at the same time.
I am a very keen activator myself for different programs so this would be a great addition.
Many thanks and hoping this is possible.

Absolutely. I just need template directions of someone who knows what it should look like. Could you point me in the write direction?

Hi Jarrett,
Our files are uploaded in ADIF format and the post from KZ3L really explains it better than I could and his suggestions are very good for improvements to the log’

Cool. I’m going to archive this thread then since it’s a duplicate, and make a reference in @KZ3L’s thread. Support for WWFF mode? - #3 by KZ3L