0.10.0 - Beta Release Thread

0.10.0 is making it’s way to the various app stores. If you filled out the form in this thread, you should receive an email or alert on your device sometime soon (it varies from OS to OS)


  • Added a map of QSOs in a log
  • Added Russian translation
  • Get a notification when you’re spotted on the POTA site


  • Entering a callsign will update the time field
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • POTA Template enhancements:
    • Expanded fields available
    • You’ll now get pop up with Park information when entering a park designator in ‘Their Park’
    • Your grid information is populated based off of the park your activating.
    • Date and Time fields have been reversed


  • Remove spaces and / characters from adif filenames

So one of the changes in this release I want feedback on, are what I did with the pop-ups (referred to as ‘Toasts’, in case I slip up and say toast lol)

There are 3 potential pop-ups can than occur now:

  1. QRZ lookup after entering a call
  2. POTA Park reference after entering a park
  3. POTA Spot report if your were spotted on the POTA site.

I like this information, but my concern is that it could get cluttered or annoying. Thoughts?

How about a “notification queue” kinda thing, so they could show one at a time for X amount of seconds, and delete it after showed until cleared. At least for the Spotted report, as I would give priority at the QRZ and Part reference. just an idea brainstorming…

They currently queue themselves and automatically go away after 8 seconds. You don’t have to interact with them to close them, but you can click the (x) any time to close them before they go away on their own

Oh wait I see what your saying - only show one at a time and cycle through. Let me think about that

yeah, like dont show the notification directly, put them in a queue file, and a loop to go and check the next one on the queue and show it for X seconds, then close, go get the next in line, and repeat…

Noticed an issue where it would not let me delete the top entry in a log

Thank you letting me know! I’ll see if I can reproduce this. What OS on you on?

I’m on iPad OS 14.4.2

Do you want us just adding bugs we find too this thread or do you want us to create a thread for each bug we find?

You can add them here.

oops :slight_smile: will enter anything else I come across here

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I’ve been posting my finds through the iOS Test Flight app… would you prefer they were here instead?

Same here. Cant delete QSOs. Using Amazon Fire 8th with OS

All? Some? Just the first one?

Test Flight is fine. I get nice screenshots that way.

Well, now I was able to delete the test contact I created before. Not the case for 2 new contacts I created. So I closed the application, open it again, and was able to delete the 2 new test contacts I did. I create 2 new ones, cant delete again. Closed/Opened the app and was able to delete them.

Tested this version on my ACER Notebook running Windows 7, using 32 bit system

All functions seem to be working properly.

I can confirm something is up with deleting QSOs on Amazon Fire Tablets. I’ll investigate and get a patch out.

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I think I found another one… sorry if it was mentioned before.

On Fire tablet you cant type space on Operator, County, or QTH fields.