Mobile Beta Testers: Please Opt back in here!

I’m going to be cleaning up my various beta test users lists. You’ll probably get an email from me as well just to confirm.

I need to accomplish a couple of things with this house cleaning:

  1. Regain some slots back from folks who aren’t using them
  2. And the main thing - make sure that folks who opt-in to beta testing are fully aware of challenges they may face - broken builds, bugs that might prevent you from using HAMRS in the field, etc. With iOS TestFlight, for instance, you can no longer side load a beta version; it replaces what’s on your device. So if HAMRS is now your primary logger and I push out a version on a Friday for myself and others to test for weekend activations, and it buggy, I’d hate for folks to be left in a lurch.

I run automated tests locally as well as general smoke tests on device simulators, so any bugs should be minor, but there is no guarantees as we head into things like cloud sync, hardware integration, etc.

Beta times should be short, 2 weeks at the most, so if you were a previous Beta tester and just want to sit back and wait for stable builds to make their way onto their respective App Stores, you won’t be missing out.

So. If you’d like to opt back in, and understand the ramifications, please fill out this form.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the folks in this community. I’ve been bragging to coworkers about how much more useful ham users are compared to gamers :upside_down_face:


Please Opt me back in
Using the android platform on a galaxy note 10 and galaxy tab 4

I’m in. Android and Fire.

i’m in on android. not my primary log so if it bugs i’m still covered.

Present! I’ll stay in to help out.

I would like to Beta test, I do POTA (when) I can.


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@KW4FM @KC1JMH @Stephen_Anderjack_Jr @d3jake_KE0RIY @KE7BUA I just realized this would be a nightmare to keep track of, if I had to go through this thread and folks’ emails potentially being different for each platform. If you could, please fill out this form that would be awesome.

The form says “You shall not pass!”

My bad. Here ya go!

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Yes please, opting in

Gotta fill out that form :wink:

If only you had a cool, lightweight application for logging all of your potential beta testers…


It’s HAMRS all the way down.

THANK YOU for inoculating memes into this site. It’s too serious in here :wink:


VE3IPS just bought it so you can add me to the google pixel 4 android list as a beta

How do i adif out the logs so i can send to POTA?

Or even export the logs off the mobile app?

@VE3IPS Welcome, John!

@KE7BUA Welcome, Jason!