1.0.0 - Released

At least in the MacOS version, the Jumping Callsign Cursor bug is still there. KB9JMU

I’ll be working on this the next sprint

@Jarrett, please be sure to read the bug report re: multi-state parks. IMHO that should be near the top of your list of things to fix. “FL,US” as a state is going to cause problems for everyone.

Bug found on Android with version 1.0.0

  1. Open app.
  2. Press “+ New Logbook”
  3. Select any template, or leave default.
  4. Tap “Save”
  5. See error noting that a logbook name is required.
  6. Enter any logbook name into the appropriate box.
  7. Attempt to save the logbook. Note that the app will not save it.
  8. If you close this box and restart the process while including the logbook name prior to saving, the process works normally.

I hope this helps. I’ll test on PC when I have time this weekend.

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I operated Winter Field Day for a couple of hours today and would like to suggest a couple of changes to the template:

  1. Editing a QSO doesn’t allow you to change any of the Sections or Categories, either mine or the other party’s. If I enter a Section or Cateogory by mistake, or forget to fill it in, I can’t change it from within HAMRS.

  2. The “Clear” button clears all QSO info. While not a critical issue, I would personally prefer having the Clear button at least retain my Category and Section, if not the frequency and band. IMHO only the other party’s information should be cleared (call, category, and section) since that is the more common use for the Clear button.

  3. On my iPad Mini 6, which is relatively fast as hardware goes, it still took a bit of time to dupe check my contacts–as long as 5 seconds–with <60 log entries. When hunting, I entered the call sign, and while waiting for it to dupe check, on three occasions I started to answer the CQ WFD only to find it was indeed a dupe. Is it possible to speed this up, perhaps by checking for dupes and displaying the result immediately after entering the call and before attempting to do an Internet look-up on the call sign?

Next I plan to play with importing the records into a spreadsheet and parsing to get them into Cabrillo format.

Thank you,

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Those are all easy fixes, I’ll get them into this next build.

I just checked because I was curious and the dupe checker function is buried in a debounce function and tied to lookups, which it doesn’t need to be. I can pull it higher up the chain and make it super fast. Good catch - that will speed dupes up across all templates.

The other 2 are because the WFD template hasn’t seen a lot of work in a while, and things that are ‘out of the box’ with the other templates had never made their way over.

Jarrett, I just wanted to thank you for updating the software. I used the new software twice already and it is performing very well. I have always been a great supporter of HAMRS, even though I was one of the users that lost some QSO’s & Logs over the past few months on my iphone. This app makes my POTA activations run so smooth. I will continue to recommend this App to all our POTA newbies #POTAddict #POTAmbassador

Brian N2BTD


Thank you for the kind words. I’ll be honest, my gut always dropped to the floor when I heard folks lost logs. I wanted to just pack it in, if only to save somebody from that. I knew how to fix it, but I just had no time with work and family, so I hired somebody from work to do it and keep my weird little side project alive lol :wink: I’m EXTREMELY thankful that you stuck with it.


Hey I was working on the chnages to the WFD template - and this is dawned on me to ask - Would the FD template work for WFD? Here is the Field Day template:

I think the only thing is FD uses the term ‘Class’ over ‘Category’? Or that could be something that I completely made up. Regardless, both of those fields translate to MY_CLASS and CLASS in the ADIF spec. So if they aren’t different, I could still use the same template, but change the labels. Thoughts?

As far as I can see, aside from the class vs. category terminology the logs are the same.

Harry, W1HMM

I confirmed the same issue on Windows as well. Hope it helps.

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Hey, thanks for continuing to upgrade the app, I really like it for POTA. I had this problem with an earlier version and do not remember what I did to correct it but the pause button does not keep the time and date paused. Have to change it every time (I log paper then put it in the app later). This is on the winter field day template, I also sent the log to POTA using that template with no problems. Running android on a Samsung j7. May try an uninstall and reinstall the app.

Did the uninstall and reinstall, no difference. I tried it just to see and the pause button works if it is the same month but not the previous month.

Weird. I’ll take a look and see if I can reproduce and get a ticket made for it.

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I am sure the order doesnt matter. I noticed a similar issue with the last version where if you updated a QSO… maybe corrected a busted callsign, it would put that QSO at the end of the ADI. The TIME_ON field remained correct however, which is the thing that counts. I have submitted multiple logs in this condition without any problem. I would say it would be nice to have corrected, but certainly not critical

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It looks like the Jumping Callsign Cursor bug has a cousin: Jumping Their Park Cursor. I had not noticed this until the latest update, but it may have been in previous versions.

I logged 238 QSOs yesterday. No data loss! It’s a great tool and you’re making it better with each update. Thanks!

@Jarrett I was able to replicate the “time pause” bug on my iPad mini. Entered a few test QSOs dated Feb 1, and in the middle of entering one (my second or third) the time and date reverted to the present. The clock icon remained red, however. It is repeatable. If you want a recording I can make one.

Also mentioned in this thread:

Jarrett…Thanks for providing the GOAT POTA app. My call is in your “about” field. I continue to suggest hamrs to everyone, and use it for activating as well as hunting at home.

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For me on Windows, the previous version would not pause the time for more than ten seconds even though the button was red. In the new ver the pause button keeps the field blank between entries which is also frustrating because I have to re-enter the date for every entry.
thanks for all your work