1.0.4 - Release Notes

Some nice quality of life improvements heading your way! Downloads can be found at https://hamrs.app



  • Introduced a new ‘All QSOs’ table - more features to come!
  • POTA spots now sortable by frequency & spot time Community Request
  • QSO tables now sortable
  • Frequncy Input now alerts user to non-ham frequencies
  • Your current Profile’s spot highlighted in Pota Spot list Community Request


  • Fixed TypeError: can’t access property “split”, timeToValidate is undefined
  • Fixed ‘undefined’ message for non-subscriber QRZ Lookups Bug Report
  • Band Input now reverts to null if no band is found from frequency Bug Report
  • Fixed POTA Spot Frequencies to 3 decimal places.

@jarrett, thanks for all the hard work you put into this—as always.

Now if only the Apple App Store would catch up… seems to be taking longer than usual


I was the one who requested the spot sorting by frequency… tried it yesterday for the first time and it works great. Definitely makes P2P hunting a lot easier. Thank you very much for doing this!

73, Kelly K3UQ

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The last couple of releases have incorporated some great new features. I like sorting the active logbook, too, by call, time, band, etc.


The Amazon store is still at version 1.03

It’s been submitted for a while - not sure what’s taking them so long. Usually, they are the fastest.