Could the activator's box be highlighted in the Spots list?


Could we consider doing something to highlight the station activator’s spot box in the spot list?

I like to keep the spot list up when I’m activating. This lets me see how long it’s been since my activation was last spotted. If I’m not getting QSOs and I haven’t been spotted for 8-10 minutes, I will either re-spot myself on or QSY bands. (I get the idea that hunters are less likely to call if a spot is older than 5-6 minutes.)

On busy days, like yesterday with 70+ spots, it can be challenging to find my own spot among the many others. Highlighting or shading the background color would greatly help here. Perhaps the MY CALLSIGN or the MY PARK box could be tied somehow to the spot box.

All the best,

Jack N8EU

Ayyyy I love it. Can do!

Something like this? Something more? (I set my Call to KB9LLD in this example)


That will do it!!! Makes a huge difference.

Many thanks. Anything at all to make it different and easy to find in the list.

Jack N8EU