13 Colonies Event lost the log today

Using Version 0.10.4 on Apple iPad Pro and logged over a 400 QSOs and now the log shows only 219 QSOs. Very sad for a special event to not be able to confirm the special event QSOs. Any way to recover the lost QSOs? I see others a have mentioned in the past day or so that they lost their POTA logs.

Jarret responded to [KE6NYT] POTA post suggesting to upgrade to latest version which I just did but I still have not been able to recover the lost QSOs :frowning:

Fortunately I started the log on the previous day and thought to export the ADI file when I reached 281 QSOs. Today I continued using the same log to add an additional 3 hours of QSO reaching in total well over 400 after 5 hours total operation of special event station. That is when I noticed the HAMRS app stopped adding QSOs and the QSO count showed only 219 QSOs.

Would really like some help to recover the full log so those who called my special event station will get their awards.

I recommend taking a screenshot of the logbook from time to time during the contest. As long as such problems occur and are not fixed… so I have a little Backup

DD6FM - Marco

Sorry to be off topic but how are you using HAMRS for the 13 Colonies event, just using the generic template?


73, Bruce KE8QFP

Yes, just using the generic template. The exchange is simply rst and state which the generic template does support.

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That’s a great idea. Just enough info in the lower portion of the screen to screen shot to use for simple events like this one. Thanks for that tip

Slightly off-topic, but do you all check the logs against the ones submitted by the 13 Colonies hunters requesting a certificate? Or is that on the honor system?

I am only aware of is that each volunteer operator for the 13 Colonies is expected to keep a log for their state and submit the log to a designated 13 Colonies log coordinator. I am not aware of the details on how the logs are used for verification.

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