Aarch64 support

As popular as the raspberry pi is, there are lots of other small ARM boards in the world which have various advantages as an alternative. I’m building a portable digital computer out of a rockpi e which sits on Armv8 (Rockchip RK3328/Cortex-A53) and would love to be able to install HAMRS on my armbian build.

Installing from source would be totally acceptable but I’m guessing since I haven’t seen your source anywhere you’re not looking to give that out. I probably have another Cortex A53 board sitting around somewhere that I’d even be willing to send you if that would make support easier.


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I second this! I’d love to be able to run HAMRS on my Pinebook Pro, which has been making a great POTA/Portable Operations Laptop.

Hey y’all,

I was running HamRS fine on my raspberry pi UNTIL I re-imaged to the new Raspberry Pi OS 64 bit.
Now not only will it not run, it doesn’t even recognize the file.

I did a uname -a and it says that linux kernel is aarch64, so I am assuming that HamRS will not run on 64 bit arm processor. Am I correct?

Which then begs the question, of when that support would be?

Thanks. Jerry WF5W

Here is a build that may work. Let me know!