Add Import Feature

Please add an import feature so a user can move a file from an iPad to a Mac.



Why not just export from the iPad to an adif and import that into the Mac?

So far, there doesn’t seem to be a way to import.

Jarod Eells

This app is useless for me without an import feature. Really a shame because it is a nice app and I want to support the developer.

I bounce between using an iPhone, RPi, and a Surface. Being able to import is pretty much essential.

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There is another thread where Jarrett said he was going to add an import feature just not available yet.

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Yes! Allowing importing files into the app would help when using a phone or tablet in a park and then checking for errors on a Mac before uploading them to other databases.


Agree. We need to be able to import from another device we have used.

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I would also greatly like to be able to sync or aggregate logs onto my computer.

Same here! HAMRS gave me a quick reply that this just can’t be done with the software now. But the option is being considered!

Jarrett (the developer) had mentioned his plans to offer an import capability in the past, but I don’t know where it sits in his queue. But certainly this comes up a lot here.

It’s very high, and coming soon in the next couple of releases. Both manual import and cloud sync.