Import Adif File

For those that may want to make this their primary log, can the ability to import an existing adif file be added?


Absolutely! It should be easy enough. I’m not sure I can give you a better time frame than ‘a few weeks’ but I’ll make it happen.


It would be super to e able to import anAdif file into the POTA template.


Any movement on being able to import logs? I love the app and would love to use HAMRS as my primary log, but importing hundred or even thousands of contacts manual is tedious and time consuming. Thanks for developing an awesome app!!!

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I think someone on your team stated that they were working on all platforms would communicate with each other to share the logs, but importing manually would be super cool. Any updates on this feature? Thanks.

Are you working on an import feature? Your comment on this is from 6 months ago.


Any kind of import feature would be great so I can use hamrs as a central repo.

Thanks for the excellent work!

@Jarrett Thanks for all your hard work just wondering if importing Adi files were still on your list.

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Please and thank you!

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Hopefully when @Jarrett creates the new db he can add import.


For me, the ability to import .adi files into my desktop app from my mobile exports would be a good workaround without any cloud integration.

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Hi @Jarrett … Will we see import functionality added soon or is that one shelved? I couldn’t find it incorporated with the 1.0.0 release.

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 9.46.52 AM

It’s not shelved - it’ll be coming soon. I don’t know about full ADIF importing, but for sure importing logs from one instance of HAMRS into another, (ie, phone to desktop), and then full ADIF after that.


Importing adi files or being able to move logbooks created on one device on another.

+1 Need import to continue using this app…


Marc - VA3BLV

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Absolutely would be great to move logs from one machine to another. Best would be adi import from other programs.

I love this app. Clean & quick to store QSO’s. Thanks.

My POTA manager loves and uses this too.

Any progress on importing an adi from another instance of HAMRS?

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Adding my vote for .adif import capability.

Bumping to the top.

Just curious if there has been any movement on this! Thank you for the awesome POTA logger!

Bumping too.

This would be an amazing feature so that I can sync up my phone and field laptop with my computer in my shack.