Add JS8Call as Digital Mode [ACCPETED]

Would be nice to have additional modes like JS8Call

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On it! I’ve got a few more modes to add, and I’ll wrap this in there. Easy change, thanks for the heads up!


@km4ack, So looking at the ADIF spec, and poking on QRZ to see what they provide - I don’t see a specific, Js8Call mode, only JS8 - I’m a new ham… Is that… the same?

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More going on on this thread too Modes Dropdown (add and remove modes) [ACCEPTED] - #7 by Jarrett

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Yes. That’s the same.

JS8Call is the application; JS8 is the mode. Technically, JS8 is a submode under MFSK (Multiple Frequency Shift Keying, which uses more than two frequencies/tones).

I suspect if you listed MFSK, many of those using JS8 wouldn’t know to select it… so listing JS8 IMHO is best.

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This has been added in 0.9.9! You can read about it here: 0.9.9 Released - 4/4/2021

You are the man! Thanks!

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