Modes Dropdown (add and remove modes) [ACCEPTED]

Love the program and the idea here!! There however needs to be an ability to edit the modes to add or remove modes from the list. I use FT8, FT4 and JS8 modes when I do POTA activations.

Keep up the great work!!


Thanks! I can add modes to the dropdown for sure. I just assumed folks were using something else when doing FT8 for logging, but it’s an easy enough change! Thanks for the input, I’ll get it in the next build!

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You are right I didn’t think about that to be honest WSJT-X does log it in a text file. I do manually log them when doing POTA tho to make sure the park info is in the log.

I was going to post this request as well. Might I add, would it be possible for the user to customize which modes they want to add to the drop down? Or even a free-text? This way only those modes the operator is interested in appear and not every mode that others are not interested in don’t appear. In the field I use SSB, FT8, FT4, JS8, FM, and C4FM. Given that POTA considers all the modes different, AM, SSB, FM, Dstar, C4FM etc are all “Phone” in most cases but POTA counts them separately. Same with the numerous digital modes. The free text option may be a simple solution if it repopulates from the previous QSO.

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There are so many modes now. Maybe simplify others to Digi? Unless folks prefer to know precisely which mode, than yes, checkboxes in the settings for the users’ most common modes or the list will be pages long.

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I just joined the group and noticed “Digital” or specific digital modes were not listed in the dropdown. Instead of having 20 different selections for the digital mode, just use “Digital” or have a customized blank that the specific mode can be added to.

Scott KN3A


Here’s what I’ve got going for modes to far. Some of these are actually submodes apparently according to the ADIF spec, which I can handle. A few folks are asking for ‘digital’ and the only thing I could find in the spec was ‘Digital Voice’ Is that what you guys are talking about?

Digital Voice

These aren’t POTA specific as templates grow, but I want to know I’m responding to what people are asking for correctly.