Adi output file seperation of the fields with delimiter


Any chance f modifying the output format of the ADI file to include a space delimiter between the different fields?


call:6KE8GOH <qso_date:8>20210402 <qso_date_off:8>20210402


that would then not be in accordance with the file format I was given for submission.

FLE uses a inserts a space between fields. This works with POTA and WWFF uploads currently (I have no clue if they parse the spaces out or not, my guess is they ignore white space).

N3FJP and TQSL both put each field on a separate line. That also works for both programs uploading.


I’m going off of the ADIF spec here: Released ADIF Version 3.1.1, updated 2020/09/02

And specifically:

A QSO Record describing a QSO with WN4AZY made on May 13, 1996 at 1305Z could look like this


or like this:


Is the ask, @k8mh to make the ADIF file more readable? If so, I think the newline version is something I can pivot to using.

Yes, to make readability better. Also easier to find fields to edit the adi file, which I sometimes do to convert POTA to WWFF and vice versa.

This has been fixed in 0.9.9! You can read about it here: 0.9.9 Released - 4/4/2021

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