ALL Green spot list

On all my current devices i successfully ran the new data migration. After it successfully ran all my spots are shaded green weather i have worked them or not.

Could you try force closing HAMRS and running it again? If you could attach a screen shot of your POTA spot tab that would help, too.

Also, what device and operating system are you using?

For me, on the iPad, POTA spots all appear with a blue banner until I’ve “copied” the spot as a QSO. At that point the banner for that call sign turns green. See below.

What does yours look like?

I forgot to specify this is happening in table mode

Ahhh, I see that. Agree, it looks like a bug. I guess the answer now is to use the “cards” view or just track them manually until fixed.

Confirmed! Thank you for the report! It’ll be fixed int he next build.

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