V.1.0.0. When selecting a multi-state park, the state is entered as XX,US (example: FL,US) instead of the 2-letter designator (FL).

Is this a regression? I thought it was fixed before.

This could pose a problem for POTA regional coordinators uploading logs.

I’m not sure if it’s a regression, but I’ll take a look this weekend. The CSV provided by POTA lists K-0661 as (converted to JSON for my purposes) {"reference":"K-0661","name":"Gulf Islands National Seashore","active":1,"entityId":291,"locationDesc":"US-FL,US-MS","latitude":30.3641,"longitude":-87.1301,"grid":"EM60ki"}

I thought in the past I parse the locationDesc to just used the first State found, which isn’t ideal.

I believe so, but the current version is parsing it incorrectly. I don’t know if the POTA upload will reject it or not. You need to remove the “,US” part of the string.

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I’m on it! Thank you, as always Kevin!!!

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Here his how I’m thinking I can handle this:
Screenflick Movie 40

Thought? This will also persist MY_STATE for every QSO that follows, until you change it.


@Jarrett That looks pretty elegant and should work!

I think it would still be helpful to place a visible field for the state in the panel alongside the park number and grid square. All of the operator’s QTH data should persist (including County) and pulling those fields to the front helps to make that clear.

User design interface options include making that right-hand panel scrollable, or provide a pop-up window to enter all of my location-specific data (city, county, grid square, park, state). Burying QTH data in the QSO entry doesn’t intuitively convey that those fields are sticky once edited.


I totally agree. I posted on this forum about the State field a few weeks ago. Put yourself in a POTA qso… you want the log input exchange to go the same as the actual qso exchange. Also, if you aren’t using expanded view, your not able to see or input anything on the state field. Using my Fire tablet I run non expanded. Thanks for all your work. Tim

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