Callsign entry on Kindle Fire

I’m trying out HAMRS on a Kindle Fire. Everything seems to be working except for entering a callsign using the on-screen keyboard. I’ll use KC9AB as an example

Type k. Field shows K.
Type c. Field shows KCKC
Type 9. Field shows KCKC9
Type a. Field shows KCKC9A
Type b. Field shows KCKC9AB.

It doesn’t matter what the callsign is. If it starts with two letters they are duplicated.

If the clear button is pressed and the callsign is re-entered there is no problem.

If I manually switch to lowercase before starting to type there is no problem.

The problem seems to be the fact that a new entry defaults to the keyboard in uppercase.
If any action is taken to turn off uppercase on the first character (manually toggle to lowercase, toggle between alpha and numeric entry, etc.) then there is no problem.

Is this a HAMRS bug or a Kindle (Android) bug? I haven’t experienced this problem on iOS.

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