Duplication of log entries upon "Lookup All"

[Using iPad Pro 12.9"] [iOS 15.0.2] [HAMRS 0.11.5]

I had to go back to this last Sunday’s HAMRS activation log to lookup a contact. When I was in that particular log, I noticed that not a single log entry had the green checkmark showing that the contact had been checked with QRZ. Swear it did when I last had the log open. Anyway, I clicked on the gear icon and selected “Lookup All.” The end result was the following total number of records. My original record count was 35, I think:

Original number of contacts logged: 35

After first “Lookup All”: 60 something
After second “Lookup All”: 141
After third “Lookup All”: 280

All the additional contact log records that were duplicated after the “Lookup All” contained the same info which was the very first contact logged during that activation. So, HAMRS is just duplicating the first contact record.

Somewhat related to this is the fact that only a handful (5 or so) of my contacts ever make it onto the QSO map tab. I use QRZ exclusively for lookups, but in testing it didn’t seem to make a difference which lookup site I used.

Does this happen in any other logs, or is this the only log where you’ve ever experienced this?

I regularly use an iPad Pro (10.5") with iPad OS 15 and HAMRS 0.11.5 and have never experienced this. Just wondering what may have been unique and if you are able to repeat this behavior in a test log.


I’ll give it a shot with a different log and follow up. All logs have been submitted, so I’m ready to clean-out old logs anyway.

I was able to replicate the problem. I did a video screen capture but can’t upload that - only image files. Is there an alternate place to send the video?

It doesn’t happen with every log. It appears to do it when the log file already has a duplicate contact record in it. I made it happen with two of my log files, both having at least one duplicate contact record. I’ll spend more time testing this later tonight and follow-up.

Being able to replicate a bug is golden. :slight_smile: I’m sure that will be helpful to @jarrett. Hopefully I can replicate it on my device, too.

If you email me your video file, I can upload it to my YouTube channel. My email address is on QRZ.com.

I emailed you the video. Hopefully it doesn’t bounce back due to size. It’s just under 15MB. I’ll hang-on to all of my log files in case you have anything you want to look at or want me to test. TNX

Thanks! I received the video and will need to look at it on the PC… too small to read on my portable devices. :wink:

Were you still using QRZ for lookup with this test?

Yes. Confirmed that HAMRS still configured to use QRZ.com.

Ok, thanks for confirming.

By the way, I’m pretty sure your map isn’t working because it requires both your grid square and your contacts’ grid squares to be populated.

From the looks of it, you are not a premium (paid) subscriber of QRZ.com. A premium membership is required for HAMRS to retrieve the other party’s grid squares from QRZ.com.

I am not a QRZ premium member either and use HamDB as my lookup service instead. It works well for US contacts. For DX I just look them up and manually enter their grid squares.

Also make sure your own grid square is entered for each and every QSO. You will need to toggle Expanded Mode on in the settings menu to see your own grid square… or edit each QSO to insert it where it is blank.

Cool! Thanks for that helpful info! I’ve switched to HamDB for now, and my grid square is correctly entered - which brings up another question: I have noticed that my grid square changes when I go to my nearby park to activate. EN11vd becomes EN11wd. I only noticed this when LoTW complained during an upload. Does the grid square change with the location services of my iPad, or is that a creepy crawlie?

HAMRS auto populates your own grid square based on the park number and the grid square associated with it in the official POTA park list. That could be wrong though since many parks cover a large area and encompass several 6-digit grid squares. If you have an iPad with a built-in GPS, you can retrieve the correct grid square by pressing the locator button to the right of that field.

You can and should align your actual activation grid square, county, state, etc. with the settings you are using for LOTW. Otherwise, your contacts won’t get credit for the right location data.

Either configure a Station Location in TQSL with your park’s info and upload your log to that Station Location, or enter all relevant QTH data into your HAMRS records and set LoTW to override location with your log data.

I pull my logs into another logging program on the PC (Log4OM) and fill in all the other data first, then I upload the log to LoTW. But using TQSL can be just as easy as long as your records all co rain what you need.

Kevin - Very helpful. Thanks!! Makes total sense. I suspected that I needed to setup another station location in LoTW, but wasn’t sure. Thanks for confirming.

I used to set up another station location in LoTW, but no longer… the override saves me a few steps. I like that feature.

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An observation tonight. I just finished up an activation, during which I exported my log to email a few times just to be safe. I got a Japan station and wanted to make sure I didn’t mess that one up. All log entries had a green checkmark as having been successfully looked-up, including the Japan station. When I got home just a bit ago, I did one last final export to email and also submitted the log to my regional. Now, I go back to this log and there are absolutely no green checkmarks at all. I am going to do a [Lookup All] right now, and I’m betting I’ll go from 30 contacts to 60. Here goes: BINGO! exactly 60 records with one of my contacts duplicated 30 times for a grand total of 60 records. One other observation. When I went back to the log, I noticed that the sort order was now ascending instead of descending. In other words, the oldest contact was at the top, newest at the bottom. If I go in and start deleting those 30 duplicated logs, it will only take me deleting a few of them to get rid of all 30. I’ll count how many times I delete now: 13 deletes to get rid of 30 duplicates. I’m sure I can replicate this if necessary, just let me know.

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This is very helpful. The green check mark represents a flag on each record that they’ve been looked up. During the lookup all process, something is getting out of sync or a race condition exists, that is visually representing they are looked up and my not be. When you get green check marks, is extra data actually being persisted on those QSOs, or is just the flag being set erroneously?

Hi Jarrett,

Real data is being entered into the contact logs from QRZ for sure. I watch it drop in with every contact and I pretty much always confirm that it’s accurate.

When I closed up my activation today, I had all green checkmarks when looking at my 30 contacts. As I was entering each contact in to HAMRS during my activation, HAMRS was successfully finding the contact info from QRZ.com and populating the fields. (I became a subscriber of QRZ and that fixed my map problem, too.) That all worked great. It was after I exported via email to my regional (when I got home) that I noticed all the green checkmarks were gone, but the .adi file export was perfect. In total, I performed four exports. I did three at the park just to make sure I had backups throughout the activation, and then I did the last one at my home which was sent by email both to my email address and to my regional’s email.

The only thing that really changed between the first three exports and the last was my location. I will also say that when I’m at the park, my station locator will shift between two different locator IDs as I’m right on the edge between two locator IDs. HAMRS seems to pick that up and use both locators in my .adi export, hopping between the two. Then when I’m home, I’m in a different locator ID altogether. My iPad does have cell service if that is important.

Hopefully this all helps. Let me know if I can provide additional information. If you like, I can video capture my iPad screen if that would help. I have returned the log to its original state without duplicates, and I know positively that I can reproduce the problem.

Thanks, Jarrett. I’m loving HAMRS. There’s really nothing quite like it. I know it will continue to get better and better. I’ve got six activations under my belt now, all using HAMRS, and no logs have been rejected by my regional. Thanks for all of your work on it!!

73 Jim

Man, you’re the best. So just to sum up here:

  1. You’re on an iPad Pro/iOS 15.0.2/HAMRS 0.11.5
  2. When in the field, lookups are happening, the extra data from QRZ is being populated in the QSO, and the green check mark is accurate for 30 contacts
  3. You pack up, head home, and when you open HAMRS again the QSOs are there, but they show ‘not looked up’ (grey circle, no green check)
  4. Hitting ‘lookup all’, does do lookups, but creates duplicate QSOs.
    • Do these Duplicate QSOs export? The question I’m getting at for me is, are there really 60 QSOs in the that log when you export after duplicating your 30, or is the Table view on the log screen not updating accurately.

If you could attempt to cause the dupes to happen, export the log to see if they are really there, that would be helpful. I’ll also try to replicate this.

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Looks like the .adi file contains all 60 records (30 of them duplicates of the same record).

I can send you my export file if you shoot me an email address to send it to.

And, your four points above are all accurate, except I’m now on iPad OS 15.1, the current version.

Sure: jarrett@hamrs.app