Editing a call sign (still a bug)

I’m reiterating this here because it’s still a problem in 0.11.4. Is this still in the list to fix?

Like the original poster mentioned, entering a call sign suffix and then inserting the prefix is problematic.

My most recent thread:

Original thread:

It’s a priority yes. I can’t find the hook in iOS that seems to be doing this. I also find it very, very annoying in the field!

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Thanks, @jarrett. It clearly has something to do with your formatting function – the method you’re using to ensure all caps, or in the case of grid squares, to format uppercase/lowercase. This happens in all Callsign fields and in the grid square entry, but not in the Comments field (which uses no validation).

Perhaps there is an alternate way to reformat an entry in these fields?

Amazon Fire tablet has the same issue.

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