Error: Unable to Save Log Entry


I am working on my task on and when I run commend- I am getting this error- Error: Unable to Save Log Entry. And not able to save log entry.

Error: Failed to save log entry.

An error occurred while trying to save the log entry to the database.
SQL Error: UNIQUE constraint failed: log_entries.qso_id

Possible Solutions:
- Ensure the QSO ID is unique for each log entry.
- Check the database for existing entries with the same QSO ID.
- Restart the application to clear any in-memory state issues.
- If the problem persists, contact support with the error details.

When I search about this, I came across these articles/resources azure interview questions Not able to save a log entry after deleting the contents in “Their Park” field, as per them, this error occurs when trying to save a log entry with a duplicate QSO ID in the database, violating the UNIQUE constraint. However, as far as I know, I am not using duplicate QSO ID, then why I am getting this error.

Kindly help to get out of this issue.