Not able to save a log entry after deleting the contents in “Their Park” field

To recreate:
Open new POTA log.
Enter park number in “Their Park”.
Let the app find the park.
Enter call sign of contact.
Let the app find the station.
Delete the contents of “Their Park”
Try to save contact, it will not respond.

This also applies to when a contact is copied from the recent spots, then when the fields are deleted with the backspace key.

To get out of the issue, press the clear button.

I am using iOS Version 1.0.6.

I saw another user here in July mention a similar issue in the windows version, and another back in 2022 possibly. I’m not sure what version they are using though.

Here is another entry with similar symptoms. Contact not saving, having to restart HAMRS

I hope these details help with your process. Have a great day!!


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