HAMRS No longer mapping out QSOs

Hi there.
I’ve used hamrs for about 2 years now on multiple devices. Up until about a month ago it had worked flawlessly. Now, the program is only randomly looking up grid squares of stations contacted. For every contact it will provide the station’s name and provide the location per the little pop up that occurs when you fill in the call sign. But about 90% lf the contacts are not filling in their grid square. Out of an 100 contact activation, only 5 or so will actually retrieve the full info and plot on the map. This is using QRZ to look up, yes it’s logged in, with cell service and wifi, and the green check appears after look up on the app. This is now occuring across multiple devices. My android phone, ipad, and both of my laptops now have the same exact bug. I’m not sure what happened, but some update in the past month or so had to break this because it was working absolutely flawlessly on all platforms until then. I’ve done well over 200 POTA activations using hamrs and I really appreciate having the map feature but now my favorite part is no longer functional. This is not a clear cache, restart device, reinstall app kind of issue.
Thoughts? Surely others are experiencing this, too?

Are you a paying subscriber of QRZ? If not, grid squares won’t populate. If you are a paying subscriber, verify your premium account is still valid and that QRZ is selected as your lookup service.

There haven’t been any updates to HAMRS since early last year, so something else must be happening.

Edit: I just looked up your QRZ info and you are a regular “Ham member.” That won’t work for HAMRS.

So that would mean that over 10,000 QSOs I made in the past year and a half plus shouldn’t have been populating maps, then. I don’t think what you’re saying is accurate from my experience. It was working until just recently.
200+ POTA activations
12,000 QSOs
Then ka-put, and no longer functioning. The only grids that weren’t populating before were overseas DX, such as from Spain and Italy. I was still getting grids from Canada and the UK and obviously as I said all 50 states.

If what you’re saying is true, why are a few of them here and there still getting through? There’s something else going on here, as I had multiple devices working and then suddenly all not at the same time. Whether it’s on hamrs end or something with the lookup service connection.

So you’ve never paid for premium service on QRZ? Odd that yours worked for so long without it. This topic comes up a lot and no one else has successfully and consistently retrieved grid squares in HAMRS from QRZ without a paid subscription. You might want to play the lottery. :grinning:

QRZ has tons of DX calls (self-entered by the call sign holders) so if you were in fact using QRZ as your service, I would have expected it to populate contacts to Spain and elsewhere.

The behavior you describe (US calls but few DX, and recently stopped working) seems more consistent with you using HamDB as your lookup service. HamDB has the full US call list but very limited on DX, and it was down for a short time recently (might be fixed now—not 100% sure) as posted here by the owner, which could explain the interruption.

Just to be clear, you choose your lookup service in Settings. Could you verify what appears in this setting?

If it is (as you state) QRZ, see if HamDB gives you better results.

Also… at present, do the contacts that are populating with the grid squares happen to be P2Ps? That grid gets pulled from the park info instead of the look-up service.

Were you able to try HamDB as your lookup service and did it work for you?

I ended up subscribing to QRZ forn$35. The LOTW integration was worth it. Now it seems to be working fine.

Insane that it worked for over 200 activations over two years and then suddenly just quit. Took thousands of QSOs for it to realize I wasn’t a subscriber…anywho, problem solved I guess lol

Yea, that is very odd! Like I said, perhaps you should consider playing the lottery… you got lucky for a long while. :grinning: On second thought, since your luck just ran out… :thinking:

In any case, glad to hear you are back in business now.

Same issue, but slightly different. Not a QRZ paid member. If I switch my Look up source in HAMRS to HamDB, will the QSO map populate? Currently QSO map is blank. Mac OS.

If I type my grid manually into a HAMRS log, this should fix the lookup issue for that log only, correct?

ETA: Nope, changing my grid square to be match QRZ still doesn’t populate the QSO map.

If you switched to HamDB, any NEW QSOs should pull in the grid squares.

For existing logs, you will need to refresh/lookup one by one.

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