Incorrect Name stayed during callsign input if a call sign is not in qrz db

When I enter call sign the app fetches info from and displays a name that corresponds to a current input. For example:
K7E => Paul
K7EZ => Roger
that is good, But the issue I see if a call sign is not in qrz database (currently my new callsign is not there, but to reproduce the bug another callsign that is not in db will be needed) - app displays a last known name, so for K7EZA it shows Roger, that is incorrect.
To reproduce the issue you can enter invalid callsign as well: K7TEST => Fernando.
The bug was reproduced in Windows version (1.0.5)
I would suggest to hide name popup if no record found for current input.

Agree–this would be worth addressing. At least it isn’t getting populated in the QSO data fields.

Here is what I would recommend to @Jarrett:

  • In the pop-up box, show the call sign along with the lookup information so it is obvious which one was retrieved

  • If an additional letter is added to the call sign such that the call sign can’t be found in the selected lookup data source, pop up “not found” instead of retaining the prior lookup

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This is addressed in the latest Beta Release.

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Released in 1.0.6 1.0.6 - Release Notes

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