1.0.6 - Release Notes

Virtual number keyboard is finally available to test for mobile users. Below you’ll see the switch to turn it on - one thing to note: I have no control over the Predictive Text bar in iOS.

Screenflick Movie 47



  • Added virtual number keyboard for mobile devices for callsign input
  • ESC now clear current form Community Request
  • Logged POTA Spots can now be hidden
  • QRT POTA Spots can now be hidden Community Request
  • Condensed POTA Spots Toolbar
  • Added ‘Call not found’ pop-up Community Request


  • Logbook form autofocuses to Title input Bug Report
  • Allow decimals and values lower than 1 in TX_PWR field Bug Report
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I’m not sure what your development environment is, but in the native xcode designer, you can disable the auto-suggestion feature on a textbox altogether so it doesn’t even show suggestions.