Logbooks vanished after changing title to inclue “@“ symbol

Activated a park yesterday and logged total of 113 contacts in two logbooks (one for late shift). I renamed file to standard for POTA log submissions (Call Sign @ Park - date.)

Now the logs do not appear in my list of logbooks. Fortunately I’d done a screen capture of the QSO map to give me some idea of the folks I talked to, but I’m sure hoping theres some way to find the file. Please help! This was my first time using HAMRS in real time. After spending hours after the fact putting hundreds of contacts from paper logs into HAMRS, I thought I could save time by entering directly. Please tell me there’s a way to recover the work. I’m using an iPad and checked the Files app to see if the files are stored someplace, but no joy. I’d love to continue supporting the product, but I’m frankly at a loss here.

Simply Dan, one thing I noticed about your description was that you posted (Call Sign @ Park - date) Whereas I don’t use any spaces, but I am using an Android tablet with HAMRS and have few hundred contacts with multiple logs.
It might be a long shot, but try using the following (callsign@K-pppp-yyyymmdd) and see if that helps any. That’s the way I’ve been doing it and not had any difficulty. It’s worth a shot.

Thanks! I appreciate the replay and suggestion. That’s actually the exact format I was using for the logs that were lost. Others suggested the problem may have been with the renaming, not with the name. They also use the same format you’re using. At this point I haven’t heard from @Jarrett for several days after answering his questions via email. I think I’ll chock it up to experience and look at use another app for next activation. 73 de W3DPT

It might be something picky with apples file system with the @ symbol. As I know there is a few things that will “corrupt” files from messing around on my Ipad with Pythonista. (App that lets you program in python on your apple mobile device.)

@KD9KCK I’ve used the @ symbol regularly in my log names, to include saving within the iPad’s file system. I’ve never had any issues with that.

@SimplyDan Which version of iOS (or iPad OS) do you have installed on your device? Seems versions older that 13.1 are revealing other errors (such as saving “their park” in a QSO). I can’t help but wonder if there are other differences, too, in how the versions of the operating systems handle file management.

@ Symbols are fine. @SimplyDan can you provide me with waht the log name was, or any contact you remember entering?

Using iOS version 14.8 on an iPad Pro 11 inch 2nd Generation.

So an old iOS isn’t the problem.

IOS version is one of the questions Jarrett asked me and I provided via email before he ghosted me over a week ago.

@Jarrett I sent it to you by email when you asked over a week ago. I’ll provide your question and my response for full transparency for the community.

Missing log was W3DPT@K-1319-20210930

Answers were in email I sent you. I’ll attach the emailed screencaps to this reply.

Here is text of the email I sent you:

From: Dan Taylor dan.p.taylor@gmail.com
Date: October 1, 2021 at 10:46:25 EDT
To: Jarrett Green himself@jarrettgreen.com
Subject: Re: Customer lost log - can you help?

Good Morning Jarrett,

Below is the info you asked for.

Call is W3DPT.

Have no partial info from log in HAMRS. The logbooks are gone and all that remains are the logs before renaming. One has 0 QSO and the other has a test. Screencap attached. The logs with the actual QSOs are missing from HAMRS. Time of screencap was 0118Z.

Time frame for log was from 0000Z to 0118Z on 29 Sep 2021.

Calls signs that had been entered but are now missing are in the attached QSO map that I screencapped after the activation.

Using HAMRS version 0.11.3.

Using iOS version 14.8 on an iPad Pro 11 inch 2nd Generation.

Dan Taylor


On Oct 1, 2021, at 9:21 AM, Jarrett Green himself@jarrettgreen.com wrote:
Can you give me some more information. What’s your call, do you have any partial information from that log? Calls you remember time frame, etc. What version of HAMRS are you using, and what version of iOS are you on?

On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 8:40 PM Dan Taylor <dan.p.taylor@gmail.com> wrote:

I logged 84 late shift contacts into a HAMRS logbook on an iPad. This morning I opened the app and the logbook was gone. Is there any way the work can be recovered? I know they were logged because I screencapped the map and posted to FB.

I sent you a FB messenger and posted the issue to https://community.hamrs.app/

Please let me know whether there’s any chance to recover the log. I’ve seen a number of posts on FB regarding lost logs. Some said you can help. Can you help me?



Dan Taylor


Any follow up @Jarrett , or do we pretend the issue doesn’t exist or was resolved?

His release notes on 0.11.4 convey clearly that this is a top priority for him.

He emailed me asking for lots of details, which I provided. Response was met with silence for several days, then he asked for the same details I’d already provided. Then nothing for weeks. My guess is he’s just in over his head trying to support a paid app.