Lookup Provider Differences

I just started testing HAMRS and like it alot!
In testing the automatic lookup when entering their callsign, I have noticed different results, and I am wondering if it is specific to me or if this is normal.
QRZ - Operator is undefined and only the QTH and State are populated.
I created accounts for the other 2 options and found the following:
HamDB - long delay before information is populated, but not county
HamQTH - seems to work best, all fields seem to be filled in correctly and a very quick response.

Welcome! HAMRS is a great app—I’ve used it for over 65 POTA activations now and it has worked great for me.

Each of the lookup services has its own quirks, as you’ve seen.

  • HamDB - Doesn’t have county info and is limited to call signs from the US and four other countries

  • HamQTH - I’m not sure where their records originate or what countries they cover, but they do allow users to self-update any changes. I think only first names come through though when looking up a call sign.

  • QRZ.com - Won’t populate grid squares unless you are a paid subscriber to their service. For some reason names aren’t coming through either—but they used to. I’m not sure what’s up with that. @jarrett, any insight on this?

As for speed, I haven’t noticed much difference between HamDB and HamQTH. Personally I use HamDB since County info isn’t that important to me.

Looking at the QRZ response for a non-subscriber:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<QRZDatabase version="1.36" xmlns="http://xmldata.qrz.com">
        <fname>Jarrett D</fname>
        <country>United States</country>
        <Message>A subscription is required to access the complete record.</Message>
        <GMTime>Fri Mar 25 02:20:15 2022</GMTime>
        <Remark>cpu: 0.016s</Remark>

You should get a call back, IF you’re username and password are correct for QRZ (the profile page will let you know if they are not). Can you give an example of a call that you looked up in QRZ that returned undefined?

My own call sign, for example. (I am an unpaid registered user.)

Found it! Go it fixed in this upcoming release. Thanks both of you!

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Glad to be of service!
Thanks for creating this app. It will be very helpful to me.

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