Map not plotting QSOs


I have updated the latest HAMRS version on my iPhone (Thanks for the update!!!). However, the map is not plotting the QSO. I love this feature as well but no idea what I am doing wrong. It stopped working for me.

Thanks :blush:

This question gets asked a lot. Please take a look here:

The grid squares and a working lookup service are key…

Let us know if you need more help.

I have the latest app on my iPhone.
The grid field has the correct grid number.

Please see pic attached and advise. Thanks again.

Is it different if you enter the park as US-0007?

It is still the same grid number. Here is a screenshot with US-0007. That other picture was before the update on the iPhone.


That is the correct grid square for the park.

What grid squares are entered for your contacts?

I don’t know the grid of each contact. I have QRZ linked to the app. It makes the search automatically and enters their location. It used to map it without any issues but it stopped working for me. :sob:

Can you screen shot one of your contacts with their grid square visible? Are the contact grid squares populating?

Here it is … again it is the iPhone app


I have the windows version on my laptop and when I type a call sing, everything appears but the grid ! I am using QRZ that supplies the grid… with am I going wrong ???

I’m trying to determine if your contacts’ grid squares are being populated, so I need to see the full contact.

Scroll right on your QSO list screen, hit the gear icon to edit the QSO, and look for the grid square. Is it there?

If it isn’t, something is missing in your QRZ or HamDB setups. Remember QRZ won’t retrieve grid squares unless you are a premium (paying) member.

As a test, you could also manually enter a grid square for your contact and see if the map works then.

Do you have “Expanded mode” turned on? You’ll find it in the Settings menu.

ok so you have to be premium to retrieve the grid… tks !

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Oh my! Thanks a lot for pointing out about QRZ premium member. I just let mine expired. I just renewed it and went to the settings icon for each contact and clicked lookup so it can generate the grid (which I was no able to see it anyway even with the expanded menu turned on). Now it is mapping my QSO.

Thanks so much for taking your time and explaining things thoroughly.

I truly appreciate it.

Lidiette KQ3Q :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can get free grid lookups with the other services (non-QRZ), but be aware their data sources are more limited.

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