New Feature: QSO Map

Working on something here. Not thrilled with the tabs adding a bunch of negative space, but there could be other options for that. Thoughts?


I like it. I would love a way to select what to appear by default, if map or log, and if is possible, put like an icon to identify if a possible dupe is happening…

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amazing. I can’t tell you how valuable this would be in the field… it’s not just a pretty map. Being able to see where you’re propogating in real time would aid in antenna setup.

any time I post a QSO map, I ALWAYS get a request as to how I did it.
One thing to consider, if it’s not a huge load of programming, is to higlight the line by band. People always ask about that as well. For instance 20m = red, 40m = orange, etc.

AAAAANNNNDDDD: you will definitely be asked for a way to export that map. It’s coming, may as well figure it in now.


As a GIS developer, I say maps make everything better :grin:


I love the propagation aspect of it. Being able to see where you are getting out is very valuable!


Love it!! Will there be a way to save the map off as an image file?


Ahem… ^^^ told ya^^^

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This will be amazing thanks for all your hard work! If you are concerned about the negative space created by the tabs you could fill that space with pertinent information like Distance of the contact highlighted, Grid number or something like that.

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@KD2TJU You called it :wink:

@W4LLS - Yeah I think I can get something done. Maybe not for the initial release of the feature, you’ll have to resort to a screenshot, but I can figure something out. It’s a live map, so you can leave it open and watch QSOs pop into it. It’s pretty fun :wink:


You could have another tab that has a map that shows the location of all of the other activators, that you pull from the POTA API…

Which you can click on, and it will fill in their data in the log area.

Cool deal! Can’t wait to see it!

For POTA the grid square doesn’t make sense and is not accurate.

On a business trip to Tybee Island, then SC and then NC I activated a park in each location.

If would be great to automatically enter my grid square or ideally my GPS lay/long.

Defiantly a “nice to have” vs a “must have”…

But it looks like you have some mad skills!

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You can always overwrite any field that is prepopulated for you. The current grid square is populated by what park you enter but yeah, even that could be off. Working on pulling lat and long from device gps if available


Just curious, if you operated on different bands, would they show up as all one color, or would the different bands have different colors?

Might be cool to see how well/far the different bands worked.


I like tabs. The question I have is if it is a P2P QSO will it plot the park location for “Their Park” vs their QTH in the lookup system you have integrated?

@N4TTI-Steve In the current build I have going, I have used the CSV provided by the POTA folks to grab the grid location for the park entered (both yours and the P2P). Is it exact? Probably 80% of the time, unless a park is large and covers multiple grids, but I definitely didn’t want to log the grid of the P2Ps QTH from QRZ, but rather the park itself.


I was hoping you’d say that!

I love the idea, it’s my favorite feature of Log4OM, being able to see where I was talking. I’d add that maybe a bright yellow line, or neon magenta or something else loud, to indicate the current QSO of the callsign just entered.

My QSO map will not populate. When entering the contacts I had no internet connection. However testing it at home with a wifi connection the test qso’s won’t populate the map.

Ok, it does work when connected to internet at home. It would be nice to populate the map when an internet connection is obtained later.