New U.S. POTA Parks

The POTA leadership has just dropped the moratorium on new U.S. parks. There are new parks being added every day. Soon, we will hit K-9999 and roll to K-10000. I haven’t played with it, but HAMRS will need to support five digit park numbers real soon. No idea if that will be an issue or not.

Michael WA7SKG

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Yes its an issue, I just tried a test log and input K-10000 which is in oregon and it inputs a park in illinois

Here is some more information about the problem:

The SIG_INFO data in the generated ADIF file is correct for parks with a five digit reference number, but the park information (state and grid square) is not correct, I think it uses only the first four digits to look up the park. I did generate a log yesterday, and all I had to do in ADIFmaster was to correct these two pieces of information.

Because of this, the map generated is obviously also not correct, but that’s not a problem for me as long as the important information in the ADIF is correct.

Karl Heinz - K5KHK

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I activated k-10005 on Friday and had issues with it giving the wrong grid and state. So beware until they update it.

As I understand it, the issue is that HAMRS looks to an internal list of parks, which has not been updated in a long while. For example, lots of DX parks were added in the past year, with 4-digit park numbers; HAMRS does not recognize them either.

This thread should be marked as a Bug Report - I’ve created a separate thread here. And I will add a link to @WA7SKG 's thread in my Bug Report.


I have been seeing a lot of 5 digit parks on HAMRS. Maybe the info is coming from where they spotted on the website?