No where to update to latest version

Why does it tell me I need the latest version when I open the app, yet there’s no place to get it? I spend more time trying to find stuff on here than what its worth. It should be hyper linked in the same box that says 'you’re on version xxxx, you need version xxxxx.

Even the big blue box that says ‘hey, we have an updated version!’. Yaeh, then wth is it? Honestly, I want my $6 back. This is waaay to time consuming. I’m done with it

Sorry to hear you’ve given up.

Just FYI, this is the discussion board for HAMRS support.

As far as I’m aware, the main product site is and has always been, which hosts the latest release for desktop versions (which are completely free, by the way) and links to the appropriate App Store for mobile versions. You may want to bookmark it.

Also, if you have ever installed any other mobile software for an Android or Apple device, returning to those app stores is where you would normally learn about and install new releases. The vast majority of app developers don’t have a robust support forum like this one in addition to their App Store pages and rely on the app stores alone.

Didn’t you have a hard time figuring out how to download HAMRS to a second Android device via the Google Play store just a couple of weeks ago?

Maybe doing some reading on use of mobile devices and apps would help you sort through some of these challenges in the future. Installing, updating, etc. is really no different for HAMRS than for any other mobile app.

One more thing: Google search can be your friend, too, for HAMRS and any other app help. I agree a link embedded in the new release announcement would be beneficial, but look what came up first in my search.

You can request the $4.99 back from the Google Play store, I believe. The app should be auto-updating on your mobile devices, unless you’ve turned that off. I’m not sure about android, but iOS will auto-update unless you turn it off.

For the free desktop versions, although not a link, it tells you where to download the latest version:

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@K0ACS Here are the instructions for turning on automatic updates:

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