Problem entering callsign

when live call lookup is enable I noticed this issue:
lets suppose I copy only the suffix of a calling station, let’s say LSC
I enter LSC in the “their call” field.
then I also copy the prefix that is IZ2
with arrows key I move the cursor at the begin of the call to enter IZ2
As soon as I enter the first letter “I” the cursor automatically moves to the end, so after the letter “C”
I have to move back the cursor with arrows keys to enter the rest of the prefix.

Would be possible to not move the cursor even when callsign lookup is enabled?


Short video showing the issue

The behavior also shows up on other fields involving lookups–for example the park number.

This is a known issue. You can find a discussion about it here along with a potential work around… Jumping Cursor Bug - Any fix yet?

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the pointer to the older thread. The takeaway for me from that thread is that a workaround is to hold down the shift key when entering earlier stuff (i.e., enter letters in upper case). It works for me on a Mac. In other words, for a park number I enter 1234 and then place the cursor before the 1 and type US and it all comes out at US-1234. And for a callsign I enter “IV” then reposition cursor and type K3 and again all works out fine.

Thanks Duane for linking the thread. Also in my case, on Mac, CAPS LOCK is the workaround.

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