QSO Map not showing

Amazon Fire tablet, HAMRS version 1.03, POTA template. QSO Map tab shows QSOs but not the map.
Charlie - K0LAF

Sounds like the same issue as this report? Also on an Android device…

I just noticed that this morning. I was doing some testing and created a dummy log with a handful of contacts. I clicked the QSO Map tab and saw the stations, but no map. Scrolled in and out, nothing. Now, this is weird. I just opened it up again to verify the version and the map is working fine. Fire 10 tablet running HAMRS v1.0.3. I hadn’t noticed it before as I’ve never looked at the QSO map before this morning. Could the map display somehow be related to the Internet connection?

I routinely have this problem on Android (Android 10/Samsung Note 9). Frustrating as this happens more often than not. Have tried every permutation in settings but it doesnt appear to make any difference.

Richard M0RGM

Not sure why this is. It is very intermittent. When I find there is no map. I wait about 20 minutes, restart the program, and it works fine. Odd.

Michael WA7SKG

A couple of days after my initial report, the map appeared and has been there ever since.
Charlie - K0LAF

It’s not just Android; it occurs in the Windows latest version.

Something is wonky with the openstreetmap.org I may need to look into another Provider…

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