Request: Escape clears current record

Simple request from logging today at a park: Would it be possible to clear all of the current contact information when the escape key is pressed?

When I’m chasing especially, I like to get as much of the contact information in as I can before I make the contact. If for some reason the station can’t hear me, it would be nice for the escape key to clear the record instead of using the mouse to click the clear button.

Thank you!

I really like this idea, but I can also see it become a ‘Hey! HAMRS deleted my QSO information’, when someone hits it by accident :slight_smile: I could make it a setting you can turn on, or introduce hot-keys perhaps, so say, Shift+Backspace or something to clear.

Yeah, understood about not wanting to clear it accidentally!

Making it an option would probably be the best bet. A key-combo is nice, too - but if I’m in a contest and loose the QSO for some reason (like the signal drops out before the exchange can be completed), I’d rather have a single keypress instead of a combo.

I’m curious if anyone else has any opinions on this, though… Maybe it’s just my weird preferences :rofl:

I would love this feature. I just download, and used, HAMRS for the first time and I instantly missed this feature. I use n1mm Logger+ extensively and it is crazy how useful a single keypress to clear the current contact is when working a pile up.

I haven’t needed it yet as a new HAMRS user, but would have expected it if I needed it. Clearing the present contact entries with the ESC key is a standard feature on almost every logging program I have used. I would expect anyone who has used any other logging program would anticipate that as well. Based on that, I would doubt many people would be mistakenly hit the ESC key and be surprised at losing the data.

Released in 1.0.6 1.0.6 - Release Notes

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