Suggestions for HAMRS field Notebook/Tablet

I’d appreciate suggestions for an iPad/tablet to use for HAMRS during my POTA activations.

Computers hate me. They can smell fear.

I am most comfortable with Macs and the like. I have used PCs successfully at work, but it’s never been comfortable for me. It’s always counter-intuitive when I leave my small comfort zone of learned routines. But I would consider a PC platform if it were straight forward. (And a lot cheaper.)

It seems to me that I need something with at least a 6-8 hour battery life–enough for 2 days of activations, and something rugged and small enough to travel with me. My typing skills are barely adequate at best, but not nearly good enough to copy CW, so I think having a touch screen would be a help as well as a keyboard. No way am I good enough to type without watching the screen.

Budget for this would ideally stay below 500.00 and half that would be fantastic.

What is the wisdom of the group?

Many thanks.

I use my iPad Pro 11 inch with a keyboard case. Works well. You could do well with the mini. I get unlimited hotspot through my phone, so I’ll connect that way, but you don’t need internet.

You’re going to be limited to only HAMRS on the Fire Tablet, but if that’s all you need, it’s a very slick, inexpensive little set up.

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