Top bar network connection indicator

After seeing your post in The HRCC discord, I wanted to throw an idea at Jarrett.

For network connectivity, what do folks think about a simple Red/Green circle indicator on the top title bar to indicate if there is internet connectivity? It could also be used to force an Offline Mode to save broadband data. It could flash when a download is in progress as well.

After hearing about the downloads that hamrs does in the background on the stream with Jason, HR2.0 it made me realize that the program does more behind the scenes than I would have thought.

Take it or leave it. I wanted to throw it out.

I was thinking about showing connectivity, but figured I’d leave it up to whatever OS the app is on.
Whenever HAMRS calls to QRZ for a lookup, it’ll send and receive about 800-950 bytes each way. Every 60 seconds it can get receive 0 to 5-15kb from the POTA API with spot information - it fluctuates based on how many spots they are, with each spot around 500 bytes.

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Interesting idea but every internet device I’m aware of shows connection status prominently already. Seems a bit redundant.

I was thinking of the feature in the context of a laptop tethered to a cell phone’s broadband access in a remote area.