Update HAMRS and charge for the Update

Updating the HAMRS program for free doesn’t benefit the developer of HAMRS. In my opinion, we can all support the developer by paying for the software update. I’m not sure what would be a fair price, and I would leave that up to the developer to decide the cost per user. Personally, I would be willing to pay for the update because I enjoy using HAMRS. How do other HAMRS users feel about this?"

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I hope all that is true!!! HAMRS is an important Ham Radio logging software for POTA and SOTA. It simplicity and ease of use is bar none. I still think all who appreciate this logging software should consider paying to keep it going.

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I’m happy to contribute. I use it sometimes for general logging

Dave Lear NN5DE

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Happy to make a contribution, so long as it’s not on the lines of HRD.

Derek (G7LFC)