Updating POTA Parks

Hey All. A quick note. I know I owe this community more, but this is what I have at the moment.

Firstly, A new build with updated POTA parks is making it’s way through App Stores currently. This will update the offline db with the latest ref changes, which will give you park lookups and gridsquares again.

Second, HAMRS development is still happening. There was a huge need for a rewrite, and I’m about done. This will put me if a far better place to getting back to being able to a regular publishing cadence - more to come on that.

Again, I know I had absolutely abandoned things due to a bunch of life stuff hitting all at once, and I know this (rightly) upset a lot of folks. That was never my intention. Honestly none of this was ever my intention. I was a very new ham who wanted a simple logging app for POTA, and then it took off unexpectedly.

I appreciate folks on here who continue to answer questions for other users, and I’m sorry you had to carry the load during my absence.


This is AWESOME news! Thank you!


Hopefully this will include the non-app versions ? Or are those versions available now


I should have mentioned that, sorry. My plan is to get desktop builds updated this weekend.


Thank you so so much! I am sorry you had to deal with life getting in the way and glad that it’s going well enough for you to get back to this. KB2GCG

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Awesome! Great news, thanks Jarrett!

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Excellent! Glad to see a new version coming soon. Bless you Sir!

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Thanks Jarrett! We appreciate you!


This is fantastic news! I honestly love this app and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow again! :star_struck:

Thanks, I do hope you and Family are well. can totally understand. Looking forward to the update. 73 de WI6NG

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The coming update is the best news ive had all day, HAMRS is by far my favourite logging app makes doing POTA so easy.

Sometimes life gets in the way of things but its great news that you are in a position to update HAMRS.

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Thank you for the update.

Don’t worry too much about anyone who may have had negative feelings that you had to step away. Your personal life comes first. Folks who can’t appreciate that aren’t anyone’s whose opinion that matters terribly much.


Hey Mike, funny we spoke about this yesterday, looking forward to see the next version…
Steve VE1SK

Awesome news I will be anxiously waiting on the updates and thank you for all you do !!!

Thank you for all the work you do on this app! Mostly a POTA guy and after test driving a few other loggers yours is the easiest and just plain works, even on my MacBook Pro!

That is awesome, and great news. Life can get in the way sometimes, but that is the greatest thing about Ham Radio, it will always be there for us. Welcome back and thanks for all your hard work.

Will there be a way to import adif files, for lets say FT8 contacts and or be able to have WSJTX integration at some point?

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Good news all round! As I saw in a suggestion elsewhere in these forums, perhaps it’s time to make HAMRS a subscription app, much like many other apps that require constant revision as the data they use is always in flux. I pay annually for a number of apps like this, unrelated to Ham radio, whose data sets change frequently. There are so many of us that find HAMRS indispensable for POTA, SOTA, etc and this community, I hope, would support a subscription. Thanks again for the update on HAMRS!

Brilliant - it the best log I have for mobile devices and look forward to receiving the update.

As always…much appreciated Jarrett!
Dave KD2E