Updating POTA Parks

Jarrett - Thanks for all you do. I’m sorry to see anyone giving you grief about this…Don’t think there is enuf money in the world to pay you for all you do. You’ve made logging POTA & SOTA so easy. Always take care of family first. 73 de K4RLC Bob

Any chance you will update it to support 13cm, 5cm and 3cm bands some day. Some of us use microwaves for having fun as well. Would be a very easy fix.

Will there be a way to update Android tablets? Or must we just buy the new version? Not seeing the new version in the Google Playstore yet.

Michael WA7SKG

Hello. I just checked. Google Play store is being sloooow. It’s still in review. I submitted over the weekend - if I had to guess it should be available tomorrow or Friday.

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Thank you for a truly great logging system. Very neat and truly useful. I appreciate all your efforts for the community. ~ KQ1S

I have really enjoyed using HAM RS version 1.0.6. Now I have downloaded 1.0.7 on my MacBook Air (2013) with Intel i5 processor. Unfortunately, 1.0.7 does not work anymore as apparently, I need a MAC processor now.

Are there any plans to make a version that will work where the .6 version worked? I hope so, as this has been my go-to laptop for portable ops and I plan on continuing to use it.

Nevermind!!! Turns out I needed to reboot the computer before it would work.

Thank you Jarrett! HAMRS is a great app; so glad it still getting some love.

Jarrett, you’ve created a wonderful, user friendly product. Very much appreciate all you’ve done for the POTA community. You are a legend.