Zero Slash Font

It would be helpful for many of us when we are using iPhone or small devices if we had an option to display zeros with a slash. Many times I’ve put in a K50HJ instead of K5OHJ for example.

Love it! As 0 call myself, I’m constantly using Ø when I’m getting my call sign on a hat, etc. I can find a font that displays this easily!

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Sounds great I look forward to this update soon! My sloppy thumbs will appreciate it.

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Here’s a quick heads-up of what this looks like. I went ahead and used it for other fields where it made sense.


This looks amazing let me know when this is the next update! I can’t wait!!

Would be nice to see on the PC as well.

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98% of features will be available on all platforms, this is one of them :wink: Glad you like it!

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When do you except the slash zero to roll out?

Just rolled out to beta today. I imagine unless folks find crazy bugs, it would go out this weekend.

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